Take a deep breath ofgin and tonic

Starting today and lasting through the 25th of this month, lucky Londoners have the unique privilege of being able to book an hour’s worth of time in a new temporary bar called “Alcoholic Architecture” and breathe in vaporized gin and tonic.  A collaboration between Hendrick’s gin and jelly-molders Bompas and Parr, patrons can pay a mere $7 (donning a protective plastic garment to protect their clothes) for an hour in the bar and huff up all the vaporized gin and tonic they like, surrounded by giant limes and straws.  

Obviously, I am quite jealous.  Not only is it insanely cool to walk around in a room drinking a vaporized cocktail, never once lifting a glass to get your buzz on, but for only $7!?!  Let this stand as proof that DREAMS COME TRUE and MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN and that yes indeed, GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.  How else could something this amazing happen in the same world full of horrible things like homelessness and Darfur and American Idol?  I mean it stands to reason that the same guy who turned water into wine could just as easily turn gin into AIR, right?  Yep, that sounds about right.  I think I just earned my Master’s degree in Arguing and Logic right there.  Can you guess where my graduation party will be?

Alcoholic Architecture via :: The Unusual Times

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