The 7 Best Cocktails for Those Without a Sweet-Tooth

7 Best Cocktails for Those Without a Sweet-Tooth

It’s time to go out with your friends to their favorite nightclub and have a cocktail night! But you have a problem – although you want to take part in the drinking and the fun, you aren’t a fan of sweet drinks at all. Never fear; the solution to your problem is finding the right drink that fits your taste buds. Not all cocktails are sweet, and here are seven that are just right for the drinker who does not have a sweet tooth.

1. 100-Year-Old Cigar

Are you more of a whisky fan than a tropical drink person? Ask your bartender for a 100-Year-Old Cigar. Made from rum, scotch, and Cynar, this cocktail is more bitter than sweet.

2. Gin and Tonic

Another cocktail with a bitter flavor is a Gin and Tonic. It’s a classic drink for any time of day or occasion, easy to make at home and also available out and about. Lime juice is the traditional addition to the tonic water and gin that make up this drink, but some people prefer to add different fruits, like watermelon.

3. The Collins

A lesser-known but still classic highball beverage, the Collins combines gin, soda, lemon juice, and just a little bit of simple syrup to make a cocktail that is a lot tarter than it is sweet.

4. Americano

Cocktail lovers without a sweet tooth in their mouth often flock to the Americano, a drink that notably goes well with a meal and is a great cocktail for beginners. It’s made of Lillet (a kind of sweet vermouth), Campari, and club soda, with a slice of orange or a lemon peel added as garnish. If you like a little bit of sweet mixed in with the bitter for contrast, top the Americano off with a splash of San Pelligrino orange soda water.

5. Moscow Mule

This cocktail is incredibly easy to make, taking a mere five minutes to put together at home! Take vodka, fresh lime juice, and a dash of simple syrup, and shake them together. Then add ginger beer and shake it again, adding a lime wedge as a garnish. Alternatively, leave the kitchen, go out, and order this bitter, fizzy beverage!

6. Bloody Mary

If you like a little spice in your cocktails, give the Bloody Mary a try! Its mix includes tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, Tabasco sauce, lemon, and horseradish, creating an adventure for your tongue. This mix is shaken together with vodka, and garnished with olives and lemon wedges to complete the experience.

7. Daiquiri

You might be surprised by this one, because the daiquiri has a reputation for being overly sweet – but it isn’t that way if it’s made simply and correctly! A classic daiquiri is made with just light rum, lime juice, and sugar, the flavors balanced in just the right way to keep the sugar from dominating your taste buds.

It also never hurts to ask your friends or your bartender for a recommendation of a non-sweet cocktail. With a little experimentation and willingness to try something new, you might discover a new favorite drink!