The 7 Best Movies for Drinking Games

7 Best Movies for Drinking Games

Everybody loves movies, spending time with friends, and having a good drink, so why not combine all three with the classic at-home party activity: the drinking game! But what movie should you choose to play, and when should you take a drink? Here are the 7 best movies for drinking games, with a few suggestions of things to drink on.

1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy

There’s plenty of alcohol in Middle Earth, so a drinking game is well in the spirit of the films! Take a drink every time the camera zooms in on the One Ring, whenever you see the Eye of Sauron, whenever Frodo says “Sam” or Sam says “Frodo,” and whenever anyone in the movie says the word “precious.” (Be careful when Gollum is around on that one!)

2. Jurassic Park

No party is complete without snacks, and there’s plenty of chowing down in this film, so take a drink every time a living thing gets eaten by a dinosaur. Additionally, take a drink every time you see the Jurassic Park logo somewhere and every time someone throws a switch on any kind of machine.

3. The Shining

Horror movies are good for drinking games, too! Take a drink any time you see or hear “Room 237,” any time somebody mentions Tony, and when the shot on the screen is symmetrical. (If it gets to the point where you’re having trouble telling if the scene is symmetrical, it might be time to switch to water.)

4. Les Misérables

Many a theatre cast party has turned to a drinking game for fun, and Les Mis is a great choice for it. Take a drink any time you see the French flag, any time a character starts to cry, and any time someone dies. If you’re feeling brave, take a drink every time a character says their own name – there’s a lot of third-person references in this musical!

5. Any Marvel Live-Action Movie

Why stop at one movie? You have plenty of drinks, right? Have a Marvel marathon and take a drink every time something explodes, every time SHIELD is mentioned, every time there’s a fight scene, and every time you see Stan Lee. Try not to die!

6. The Princess Bride

The drinking game here is pretty simple. The Princess Bride is most well-known for its incredibly quotable lines, many of which have gained internet meme status. Every time one of these lines is said – including “Inconceivable!” “As you wish,” and “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” – take a drink.

7. The Hangover

It’s hard to find a more appropriate movie for a drinking game than, well, one that’s about some people who went out and got drunk! Keep an eye out for and take a drink every time you see a Las Vegas landmark, any time Stu touches or mentions his missing tooth, and any time Alan copies Phil’s behavior.

Whatever film you choose, make sure it’s one that everyone at the party likes, or at least one that everyone’s willing to make fun of. Drink responsibly, and have fun!