The end of history 55 beer in a squirrel

Yikes. WHAT. Yes, Scottish brewers BrewDog have brewed the strongest beer in existence at 55% ABV called The End of History. And then they put in in squirrels and stoats (whatever the hell those are). What a really great idea! It’s very surprising that MillerCoors and Budweiser didn’t pioneer this trend first by sticking kegs in deer carcasses. Or that Redbull didn’t stick a can inside a mouse, slap a sombrero on it and call it The Speedy Gonzales. What the hell big beverage manufacturers, I’M DOING YOUR WORK FOR YOU.

But again, I say: WHAT. I mean sure, by all means brew stronger and stronger beers (as long as they taste good). I encourage beverage makers to push the limits of what’s possible, everyone wins. But when you do that, and only make 12 of them and THEN sell it for £500-£700 (which I think is like $5000 American) do you really need the added gimmick of sticking it inside an animal? It’s not that I care about killing the animals, it’s just…who is your target market, guys? Judging from your almost unwatchable promotional video, I’d guess rich dudes with severe emotional and social problems.

The End of History from BrewDog on Vimeo.

No offense to the BrewDog guys, I’m sure you make great beer, I’m just mystified by your strategy. That said, I’m writing about it so maybe your plan is working. Doh!

HOWEVER, this has given me an idea for a great new game, beverages in dead animals! Here’s mine:

  • 5 Hour Energy Shot inside a hummingbird
  • Can of V8 inside a turnip (for the vegetarians, UGH)
  • Bottle of Hypnotiq inside a chinchilla
  • Bakon Vodka bottle inside a piglet (but that one’s a no-brainer)
  • Bottle of Cristal inside a peacock (full plumage on display, obvs)
  • Johnnie Walker Blue inside a white tiger cub (only to make the size match)
  • Galliano bottle in a giraffe (because TALL)
  • Champagne bottle in a goose neck, plate on back for foie gras. Elegant!

“Sorry little buddy, but you’re just the right size!”

That’s all I’ve got. Add yours in the comments!

via :: Eater

2 Responses to “The End of History: 55% Beer in a Squirrel”

  1. Useful info, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and importance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and good luck!

  2. Nick Rose says:

    Really don’t think you get the point of the beer or the video. Firstly it’s really only about $1200-$1400 a bottle, not that expensive when there were only a dozen sold and they will never be made again. If you have any idea what a bottle of scotch with the same release number is worth then $1200 US is pretty damn cheap.

    Secondly the beer is the strongest in the world strong enough to kill, oh I don’t know, a stoat (sort of like a weasel if that helps). Woodland creatures are always used in the UK by distillers and brewers as symbols of their products or on their labels and have been for centuries. BrewDog are taking the piss out of (making fun of) that tradition and tie it into how strong the beer is.

    Finally, all 12 bottles sold out within a week. Not bad for a short home made video, some intense brewing and a bit of a packaging gimmick. It was a smart strategy, paid off well and even you are writing about it so really there’s not much to criticise there.

    I know your suggestions that follow are an attempt at humour but if you don’t get why the video is funny, don’t try to be funny yourself. Humour and a sense thereof would be the main element of their target market, not emotional instability.

    Sorry for this overly harsh rant, I’ve read 5 articles and watched 3 news segments on this product already and no-one seems to really get it in the US. Just needed to explain it to someone

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