The holidays approacheth

*Here’s the thing about running a website: when there are holidays, everyone expects you to write “theme posts”. PR firms fill your inbox with (mostly) horrible drinks featuring their booze with silly campy obvious names like “Wolfman’s Delight” or “Santa’s Little Helper”. They send these with the full expectation that I will publish every single one of them and proclaim them as great and “perfect for (whatever is the) holiday!”. UGH. So boring, right? I don’t blame them for having these expectations necessarily, because there are plenty of lazy thoughtless blogs out there who do exactly that, never caring enough about their readers to actually try any of the drinks and basically cut-and-pasting the PR release (which are often drafted by people with no knowledge of cocktails AT ALL). Those blogs are dicks. Lucky for you, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE BLOGS.


You should probably send this to your parents immediately.  Wait till they see your (gift)!

HOWEVER, I may (and probably will) post on or around these specific holidays as they cycle through, but rest assured they will be on MY terms. This is very fun season for drinks, autumn weather is probably the best weather they’ve invented (so far) and lends itself to awesome drinking, and that will certainly lead to mind-blowing posts for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. I can totally picture your grandmother ebroidering my words (e.g. “Those Blogs are Dicks. Happy Kwanza!“) on pillows and scarves for years to come. So I promise, no posts on “Frankenstein’s Pineappletini” or “Gobbler’s Gimlet, brought to you by GE!“. Just the STRAIGHT DOPE with NO FILLERS. I’ll only post it if it might actually be interesting (or funny or about your mother in a pilgrim costume).

So uhm….Happy Whatever!

*Totally CRUSHING IT with these interstitial notes only tangentially related to booze lately, right?. Quality is job one, or whatever.

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