The obligatory halloween post

Confession: I’m just not much of a Halloween guy.  Sure, I loved it as a kid, free candy is awesome.  But now I’m a grown up, and I can buy candy whenever the hell I want, and to be honest it doesn’t hold a candle to booze.  I am even less enthusiastic about dressing up in a costume.  Standing around a bar with a wig or makeup or God forbid a frigging mask, sweating and itching and uncomfortable… that’s for the birds.  I know, I’m uncool, I’m a fuddy-duddy, waaaahhh don’t hang out with me.  Whatever, at least I’m not a grown man prancing around like this guy:

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good Halloween party.  I had one this past weekend, one tonight, and another next weekend.  I just don’t feel compelled to get all spandexed-up and write about it*.  Thankfully, other people are more into it than I am, so here’s a quick roundup of some of the Halloweeny posts from around the internets.

Liquor Snob has a Halloween cocktail BLOWOUT

Mutineer Magazine showcases the unwieldy Beer Pong Table costume

Jamie Boudreau passes on the All Hallow’s Punch

The Bachelor Guy has two rounds of Halloween candy cocktails

Drinks After Dark has some more Halloween drinks

rhesuspieces offers up the Cannibal Punch

And Eric Felten gives us one last drink, Satan’s Whiskers

*I’ll continue to be dressed as I always have when I write: wearing a bowler’s cap and slathered in lard.  If it ain’t broke…

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  1. Alan Kropf Said,

    Thanks for referencing the Beer Pong Table posting. We’re doing a different costume every day until Halloween, and you’d be surprised at some of the stuff out there.

  2. Jeff Said,

    Great round-up of Halloween Blogs. I am really digging Liquor Snobs list of cocktails and can’t wait to start trying them. I guess 3:30 in the afternoon might be a little to early to start mixing – yea?

  3. Colleen Said,

    hey there – thanks for the link! :) It’s my rather obligatory halloween posts as well. gotta love it. next up? goofy thanksgiving drinks! (bleh)

  4. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Yeah, holiday posts are expected, but never fun. Let me know if you find something interesting to do with gravy!

  5. Jenny Said,

    LOL @ beerpong costume on Mutineer Magazine :P

  6. BJ Said,


  7. DrinkPlanner Beer Pong Table Costume | DrinkPlanner Said,

    […] I posted a link in our Obligitory Halloween Post to a person who’d made a beer pong costume.  Well apparently, one of our readers thought it […]

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