The week without a question

Sorry guys, no Ask DrinkPlanner this week.  Know why?  Because nobody has sent in any questions!  I know you guys don’t know everything there is to know about boozing (I certainly don’t).  So go ahead, ask me anything about booze or the boozin’ life.  Could be a question about how alcohol is made or interacts with your body or what’s proper etiquette when  buying shots or the history of some booze or how do you deal with hangovers or how to handle a naggy girlfriend who doesn’t drink and is giving you lip about boozin’.  Whatever.  I could have written myself a fake letter based on any one of those things to fill in this week but I didn’t, because I have too much damn respect for you guys.  So do me a solid and hit me up.  Or if you just want to chat or get something off your chest, my email is always open to you guys.  Unless you’re trying to sell me a penis enhancing apparatus or breast enlarging ointment…in which case call me ASAP!*

And just so you know, next week I’m going to be up in the mountains, far far away from civilization, so don’t expect me to respond immediately to anything you send in.  I’ll try and set up a few posts to auto-publish while I’m gone so you crazy kids have something to read.  There is an off chance I might be able to encounter a computer once or twice while I’m up there, so I may be able to shoot back a reply, but don’t count on it.

I know, I’ll miss you too.  Drink one for me while I’m gone.

*I just got a spam email (”How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure!”) with possibly the best fake name ever: Burgdorf Shambaugh.  How great is that?  It kind of makes me want to change my name to Burgdorf Shambaugh, move to a new town and start all over with one of the greatest names ever conceived.  Just a little.

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  1. indiansfromindiadrinkalot Said,

    What’s possibly a hardcore drinker’s biggest fear? A DUI. Any stories or tips on how to get out of a DUI (besides not drinking at all or having a designated driver)?

  2. mark Said,

    Do you have any opinion on “classic cocktails” like an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Tom Collins, etc…? Being primarily a beer drinker, I’ve never had of ‘em, but for some reason those cocktail names have rattled around in my brain all these years.

  3. DrinkPlanner Said,

    I love ‘em. It’s hard to find them well-made though. Take the Manhattan, made with rye whiskey, sweet (Italian) vermouth, and Angostura bitters. First, most bartenders in your average neighborhood bar don’t know how to make one, even though it’s one of the most basic Bartending 101 drinks to make. Second, most won’t have rye on hand…so what will they do? Substitute it with bourbon. WRONG. Bourbon’s too sweet for a drink like this, so they should use a Canadian whiskey (they’re often made with quite a bit of rye).

    So yes, I love drinks like this, but I usually only make them for myself, or in a bar I know I can trust (though the Tom Collins is pretty hard to screw up, I made them as an novice drinker in college and they turned out quite nice from what I remember).

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