Three sheets has been saved

YSTSYou guys, we did it! By “we” I mean the collective drinkers of the internets, and by “it” I mean helped get Zane Lamprey’s fantastic drink-travel show “Three Sheets” get picked up by Fine Living Network.  New episodes will begin airing July 20th at 10pm.  When we heard that Mojo was shutting it’s doors and “Three Sheets” was going to be homeless, booze bloggers and desperate drinkers from all across the interwebs howled and cried, begging for someone, ANYone to pick up our beloved show.  It happened!  It worked!  They’ll even be showing old episodes on the nights that the new ones aren’t running.  This is really incredible news and we couldn’t be happier to find out one of our favorite shows will soldier on in this crapass economy.

There are so many negative images of booze out there, it’s great to have a show like this out there showing how drinking is a universal worldwide social experience meant to be enjoyed and celebrated by all.  So congrats to Zane and crew, and we’re looking forward to catching them every week on FLN.

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