Three sheets like a boozy zombie lives

So as you know, one of my favorite shows is Three Sheets, where my job-stealer buddy Zane Lamprey travels around the globe drinking the best of the best booze the world has to offer and shares his experiences with anyone with a TV and eyeballs. And once again, like a brain-hungry zombie, the show rises again on on the Travel Channel in search of more booze, after it’s birth at MojoHD and a season on the Fine Living Network. The Travel Channel seems like a much better fit for a show about a guy who travels around drinking. A-no-duh. New episodes depend on the success of these reruns, so it behooves us ALL to watch these episodes and email all our moms about it so the Travel Channel realizes we love the crap out of this show and they should renew it ASAP, or they can expect expect the sacrifice of thousands of teetotalers on their doorstep. I mean really, 5-8 bodies will probably get their attention, but they need to know we’re serious.

Three Sheets debuts on the Travel Channel Wednesday April 14th @ 11pm, with back-to-back episodes in Hawaii and Tuscany!

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