Thursday drink night beefeater 24


Tonight’s Thursday Drink Night is a big one.  Beefeater 24 is the spirit to be reckoned with this time, and a whole slew of the cocktail community’s best and brightest will be on hand to mix it up.  Besides the regular group of TDN miscreants and naer-do-wells, none other than David Wondrich, Greg Boehm, and brand rep and bartender Dan Warner will be on hand.  They’ll be broadcasting live from the Quarter Bar in Brooklyn in the Mixoloseum video channel.  

So come hang out, bring your best cocktail game, or just sit in and soak up all the cocktail nerdiness and off-color jokes about your mother.  Best cocktail wins a copy of “Jones Complete Bar Guide” courtesy of Cocktail Kingdom.  Best joke about Gabe’s mom wins…I don’t know, my respect and admiration?

Sadly, I’m not able to attend because at the time they go live (7pm) I’ll either be en route or just arriving at Hilton Head for an extended weekend getaway with the fam.  I know, poor me.  You kids have fun without me though!

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