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You guys should have seen this coming.  And why not, it’s a great idea!  Halloween + Thursday Drink Night + Crystal Head Vodka = DUH, of course.  What else would we use for the Halloween season, the Tommy Gun vodka?  No, that’s for Earth Day, don’t be stupid.  You guys remember Crystal Head Vodka when I wrote about it about a year ago, right?  Well we’ve all got bottles of it and are going to be mixing up some SCARY and spooktac-(GUNSHOT).  Sorry for that.  The crew will be gathering in the bar at 7pm Eastern, skulls in hand, ready for a good old fashioned mix-em’-up.  Over on the West Coast folks will be assembling at Chantanee in Seattle for some webcammed live-from-the-bar action.

crystal head

My pictures came out crappy, so I stole this from their website

As for the vodka, WELL…it’s a blend of grains first quadruple distilled and then triple crystal-filtered (crystals!).  I’m surprised they had anything left over after all of that purifying.  I tried it, and I can tell you one thing for sure: it is absolutely, without a doubt, no question…vodka. They did their jobs, and have ended up with a pretty great vodka. You should buy a skull-full! And you should definitely join us in the chat and mix up some drinky-drinks with us.  I’m not going to be able to get in there until 10pm or later, but that doesn’t matter because 1) What am I, your mom?  You don’t need me to hold your hand, grow up and go to the anonymous chat by yourself, AND 2) We usually go until laaaaaaaaaate late late into the night, so show up any time. It’s always a blast.  See you there!

The Mixoloseum Bar

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