Thursday drink night fruit liqueurs

Early warning this week that tomorrow night, 7pm will be the TDN chat where we all sit around and make up drinks and then drink them and get sloshed together.  It’s fun!

This week’s theme is fruit liqueurs.  So everything from Peach schnapps to Midori to Cherry Heering to (heaven forbid) Apple Pucker is fair game.  Actually, it would take some SERIOUS balls (and skillz) to break out the Apple Pucker in that room and come up with a cocktail that most everyone there would agree is good.  I know I couldn’t come up with one.  I’ll give a shiny nickel to anyone who can do it.

Oh, and double-heads-up…in two weeks, on the 20th, we’re going to be having a very special night featuring Leblon Cachaça.  Cachaça, if you didn’t know, is the spirit used in caipirinhas, a delicious drink you’ve probably had if you’ve ever been to a Brazillian steakhouse like Fogo de Chão.  But that night we’re going to see what else we can do with cachaça, how we can maybe put a new twist on the caipirinha, and what it’s all about.  I’m warning you about it ahead of time so you can make sure and get a bottle of Leblon so you can join in the fun with us.

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