Thursday drink night irish whiskey

I know I’ve told you I’m not going to deprive you of certain events on the interwebs, and I’m sticking to that.  So tonight join the crew in the Mixoloseum Bar for some crazy cocktail madness, hosted by the one and only SeanMike of the Scofflaw’s Den.  He’s chosen the theme of Irish whiskey (mmmmm) for this week, so all the drinks will be based around one or another of the blessed bottled beverages birthed in the beloved* homeland of all whiskeys: Ireland.

So go pick up a bottle of something on your way home from work today, take inventory of your bar, and join in the merriment with fellow booze-lovers and mix up some (mostly) fantastic drinks.  It’s practically the weekend, do you really give a shit if you’re a little hung over on a Friday?  I don’t!

Mixoloseum Bar

*Do all writers love alliteration?  I’m pretty sure every one I’ve talked to does, and I know I do.  That makes it fact!

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