Thursday drink night is 1 year old


I can’t believe it’s been a year since a bunch of cocktail and spirits bloggers somehow managed to organize a night every week where we all get together and try to best-cocktail-recipe each other to the point of insulting each others mothers (which actually doesn’t take very long).  So this Thursday (9/3/09) AKA tonight is a big night, with lots of heavyweights stopping by the chat and several prizes in several categories being given away.  Here’s the important info:

  • The theme for the night is Tiki Drinks
  • You can get to the chat HERE at 7pm Eastern
  • Visits from cocktail badasses Jeff “Beachbum” Berry and Martin Cate
  • There will be jokes about Cocktailnerd’s mother!

Not to mention the PRIZES!*

  • Best Original Tiki Drink – 50cm gold Japanese bar spoon
  • Best Gin Cocktail – Bottle of Port of Barcelona gin signed by the distiller.
  • Best Absinthe Cocktail – Bottle of Obsello absinthe signed by the distiller.
  • Best Spiced Rum Cocktail – Bottle of Old New Orleans Cajun spiced rum
  • Last One Standing – If you close the doors on our party, you will get yourself a pick of one of Mud Puddle’s six new cocktail book releases.
  • First two newcomers who submit a drink – More books! Pick from Mud Puddle’s line-up.
  • We’ll also be giving out Annual Awards throughout the night (e.g. Person who consistently submits the worst drinks).

That’s a lot of stuff!  Not to mention that the chat has been completely overhauled and is pretty kickass.  You should come.  You should tell other people.  You should follow all the hot cocktail action on twitter.  I’ll be there.  Your mom will be there.  Let’s do this!

*I stole this info from Kaiser Penguin, so if it’s wrong, BLAME HIM.

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