Top 4 Fancy Cocktails if You’re on a Budget

Top 4 Fancy Cocktails if You’re on a Budget

Are you low on cash and worried that this means you won’t be able to enjoy any alcoholic beverages until your fortunes turn around again? Are you a college student kept away from nights out on the town by the student loans hanging over your head? Never fear – there are drinks to enjoy that will not put much strain on your wallet, and are still just as good as anything expensive out there! Here are four fancy cocktails you should try getting or making when you’re on a budget – all estimated at under three dollars per cocktail!

1. The Collins

Let’s start with an easy, refreshing, shaken drink. If you’re making it at home, pour some gin or genever into your shaker, and add lemon juice and simple syrup. Shake them together, and then pour the cocktail through a strainer and into the glass. If you want, top the Collins off with some soda water and garnish it with slices of lemon in a touch of fanciness.

2. Negroni

The Negroni is an Italian appetizer drink with just three ingredients: gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. Take a shot of each and add them to a mixing glass full of ice cubes. Stir the ingredients together until a layer of frost starts to form on the outside of the glass. Then, pour the cocktail into a new glass, and garnish it with a slice of an orange peel. If you squeeze the peel and release some oils onto the glass, you’ll add a delectable smell to round out the experience of drinking this Negroni!

3. Moscow Mule

This is a popular vodka drink that you can enjoy even if you don’t own the copper cup it’s traditionally served in – a whiskey glass works just as well! Fill the cup with ice cubes, and then add the vodka. Squeeze some lime juice into the glass, add a couple dashes of Angostura bitters, and then add some ginger beer. Stir it all together, and then garnish the glass with the lime you used earlier. It’s important for your enjoyment that you have a kind of vodka that you like, though it might seem difficult to find the right one while on a budget. The nice thing about making drinks at home is that you can purchase a bottle and make it last for a while, instead of paying for your bartender’s labor over and over again!

4. Daiquiri

That’s right, you can and should make this delicious sweet drink at home! It’s made with one of the most basic types of liquor that you might already have at home, given how versatile it is and how well it keeps: white rum. Pour the rum into a shaker, and add simple syrup and lime juice to it. Add enough ice cubes to fill the shaker and shake it all up. If it fits your budget, be sure to squeeze the lime juice instead of purchasing a bottle at the store – the flavor is always better when fresh-squeezed, and you can use the lime as a garnish.

Your party-hosting days are not limited by your wallet, now that you know about these drinks that are well within your reach!