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So I’m about to debut a new feature on the site, Bottle Shots, where I review various beers and wines and spirits, but I figured before I did that I needed to let you know a little about me.  About the kind of drinker I am.  I mean…who am I to tell you how or what do drink?

A mystery, wrapped in an enigma…smothered in secret sauce

It’s simple really.  I drink for one reason and one reason only: I LOVE IT.  There are times I down Natty Ice like it’s my job (and for the purposes of this site, it kind of is), and there are times that I slowly sip 18 yr old scotch like it’s my last drink on earth.  I’m equally at home at a wine tasting of Argentinian Malbecs as I am at a keg party.  I LOVE to drink, every aspect, every reason, every moment spent with a drink in my hand I count as a blessed one. I love drinking with my friends.  I love drinking by myself.  I love drinking with my family.  When I write on this site and espouse drinking like a man or how to drink tequila, it’s not because I’m trying to dictate anyone’s drinking habits.  Honestly all I want is for people to get the most out of their drinking experience.  I want them to feel what I feel.  I want them to get the same joy, the same full experience they COULD be having with just a little bit of guidance.  When I drink, I mean really drink and embrace not just the chemical effects but combine that with the knowledge I have and the shared experience of enjoying a good drink and truly live the “whole package” of what drinking is really about, THAT is what I try to get across in my writing, in what I put here so that hopefully people out there will learn to enjoy booze the way I have.

That being said, the way I’m approaching these reviews is simply this: do I like it, and would I drink it again? Not as some sort of beer or wine or mixology expert, but just as a guy who likes to drink.  I’m not a supertaster and I don’t profess to be an expert in anything other than being the biggest fan drinking ever had.  So if you’re ok with that, then let’s keep this party going and drink some friggin’ delicious booze, amirite!?!

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  1. Eleanor Said,

    A mystery, wrapped in an enigma…smothered in secret sauce…I sense another Tshirt to be made.

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