You can play me but cant beat me

Though the World Series of Beer Pong has come and gone, and we were sadly unable to attend, this little gem by some local ATL boys reminded us that beer pong can be enjoyed year round. All you need are some friends, a table, a few cases of cheap beer and of course…balls. I give you…The Beer Pong Anthem:

Sure, it’s pure suburban white-boy ridiculousness, but as these kinds of things go, it’s not that bad. They seem to realize how ridiculous they’re being, and so we’re able to forgive them.

(and I do have to agree with one commenter on youtube says about something that happens early on in the video: “only bitches blow”. Everybody knows that. I’m just sayin’…if it should ever happen that I play against these guys, that shit will not be allowed. Carry on.)

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