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  • Alcohol + Whipped Cream = Whipahol

    Filed under the category of “one of a handful of alcohol-based products I’ll probably never use” is Whipped Lightning aka whipahol, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: whipped cream infused with the unbridled fury of nature’s electricity alcohol. Weighing in at 36 proof,

  • Beer on a Stick: Haters of Beer

    Attention beer drinkers: A new enemy has surfaced.  No, not another anti-drinking group of angry mothers or a teetotaling politician looking for an election year boost.  This threat comes from within.  From people who claim to be one of us, and even purport to be on our side.  Ladies and gentl

  • Mixology Monday: Ginger

    So this is something I’ve never participated in, but I’m giving it a shot.  Mixology Monday is an online event where cocktail bloggers from around the web make drinks based on a theme.  It happens once a month, and this one is hosted by Matt over at RumDood (who will provide a round-up of all

  • DrinkPlanner’s Top 6 Ways to Drink Without…

    It’s official, summer is HERE. Time for fun in the sun, lounging poolside, big outdoor concerts, picnics, little league games…literally HUNDREDS of opportunities to relax and get plastered. Trouble is, many of these venues don’t provide alcohol (get with the times, puritan jerks!). I mean let�

  • Top Five Booziest TV Shows of the Past Five Years

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a drinker and feel normal.  The nancy-pants goodie-two-shoes of the world have neutered most of popular culture to the point that you’d think nobody in this world drinks recreationally without it ending in DUI, homicide, rape, or a big vomit-y trip to the hospital.  I

  • Bierstick Review at Bullfrogz with Bud Select!

    Yes, we tested it. First, the Field Tests, then the in-depth Analysis. Well we decided we needed someplace to test out the Bierstick. None of our friends were having any house parties anytime soon, and the Bierstick was begging to be broken in, so we decided to venture out to Bullfrogz to

  • Kanye Breaks Bond Between Booze and Beats

    The history of booze and hip-hop is a long one.  Rap artists have been referencing, pimping, and outright promoting brands in their lyrics since “Rapper’s Delight” (and maybe before, but I’m not Dr. Raps-a-Lot over here).  The bond has been strong and beneficial for both parties.  Brands

  • The DrinkPlanner Guide to the Art of Getting Hammered

    There’s a lot of really stupid writing about drinking out on the web.  From idiotic lists of shots with mayonnaise in them to assholes telling you to drink antifreeze to people telling you to pour alcohol into your asshole, drinking advice on the web ranges from retarded to downright life-

  • Drinking Tequila: 5 Tips How Not To Be a Jackass

    I know everyone thinks they know how to drink tequila. YOU probably think you know how to drink tequila. Chances are, you’re wrong (sorry!). Not sure if you know what you’re doing? Ask yourself the following questions: Do you usually order Patron? Do you order expensive top shelf tequil

  • 10 Commandments: A Response to the Responses

    First, I want to say thanks to everyone out there who commented and re-posted and enjoyed the 10 Commandments For Drinking Like a Man article. It has been (and continues to be) a huge interweb success and the overwhelming majority of responses to the article were crazy-positive. Thanks to everyone