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It’s time to introduce a new feature here on Champions of Drinking. We’ll use these posts to highlight those who excel in the ways of the alcoholic beverage consumption or craft in some way that gives all of us lowly only-drinks-with-our-buddies-or-by-ourselves folks something to aspire to.

Our hats are off to Anthony Alba, who has been recognized this year as the winner of the U.S. Stella Artois Draught Master Competition, held recently at PURE nightclub at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. In order to prove he was the best of the best, Anthony had to prove to six very serious judges that he had mastered the “Belgian Pouring Ritual”, an involved process that among its nine steps includes “beheading” a beer in order to get the best possible head of foam (not to mention the “purifying” and “sacrificing” portions. Seriously. Someone call the authorities or a priest or something). The competition required that he pour not only Stella, but Hoegaarden (one of our favorite hefeweizens) and Leffe Blonde from draught and bottle sources.

In October, Alba will go to Belgium to represent the good ol’ U-S of A in the Stella Artois World Draught Master Competition. We here at DrinkPlanner say best of luck to you Mr. Anthony Alba, and Godspeed you on your journey to Alcohol Hero in the eyes of all of us watching you from afar here at home. We know you’ll do us proud.

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