DIY Mixers You Have in Your Kitchen

DIY Mixers You Have in Your Kitchen

Are you interested in trying your hand at being your own bartender and mixing some drinks? What if you don’t have the time or budget to go chasing around town for the most specific ingredients necessary? Don’t worry; it doesn’t need to be that complicated!

Whether you are planning a party for friends or just planning to spend the night at home with a drink made by you, here are some easy cocktail mixers that you probably already have the ingredients for in your kitchen.

1. Grenadine

This drink is incredibly simple; all the recipe requires is pomegranate juice, sugar, and heat. First you simmer the pomegranate juice until it’s been reduced by half. Then you stir in the sugar. Once the sugar is dissolved, let the Grenadine cool and refrigerate it. It’s great with any kind of alcohol, so whatever you have on hand is perfect. Turn the Grenadine into a Jack Rose cocktail by adding lemon juice and an apple wedge!

2. Ginger Beer

If you use ginger in other recipes, you’re already well on your way to making this mixer, which is great both as part of a cocktail and when drank on its own! Puree the ginger, add it to boiling water, and let it stand for an hour. Strain the mixture, add lime juice and brown sugar, stir it all up, and refrigerate the results. Then splash whatever liquor you have on hand into the mix, and guess what? You’re done!

3. Shrubs

Shrubs add an extra sweetness and tartness to any beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Choose any fruits or vegetables that you have lying around your kitchen; literally anything will do, so pick your favorite! Whatever you choose, simmer it with sugar, then puree it, strain it, and add vinegar. (Yes, vinegar! Again, the specific kind does not matter, so choose the type that you already have and like.) Vodka tastes best with this mix, but it’s also great for cleaning out your liquor cabinet. Shrubs do not need to be refrigerated, so feel free to enjoy it right away, but refrigeration for a few days will intensify the flavor. It’s up to you; you’re the bartender here!

4. Sour Mix

Not a sweets person? There’s no need to go find a store-bought sour mix if you already have lemons and limes, so go ahead and make your own! Dissolve sugar in boiling water to make syrup. While you let the syrup cool, squeeze and strain juice from the lemons and limes – you don’t need the pulp, so discard it. Pour the syrup into the juices, and shake it all up!

5. Falernum

Whether you’re new to mixing or a DIY expert, falernum is a creation accessible to all. Take some almonds and lightly toast them, then shake the almonds in a jar with some cloves and let it steep for a day or two. Zest and juice some limes; add the zest to the jar first, and boil the juice with water and sugar to make a syrup. Put it all together for a finished falernum!

Now that you’re empowered to get mixing in your own kitchen, go forth and impress all your guests with your DIY bartending skills!