Piratepalooza pub crawl is this weekend

Heads up!  This Saturday, September 2oth is the annual PiratePalooza Pub Crawl, rocking Atlanta yet again.  4 bars, 4 bands, 1 burlesque group, and more eyepatches then you can shake a hook at.

A word of warning: these people are serious about the pirating life.  I went last year with a few buddies because we love pirates and drinking and it sounded like a fun time.  So I grabbed an eyepatch and threw on a skull-and-bones shirt and headed down there expecting to find some like-minded people.  Do you know how weird it is to feel out of place because you’re not dressed up like a pirate enough?  Yeah, a little weird.  Most everyone was in full-on pirate garb, and not some crappy Wal-Mart Halloween costume crap, but serious leather and swords and poofy shirts and the whole nine.  It was like a mini-DragonCon focused solely on the Pirate genre (and waaaay less geeky).

That being said, everyone we met there was super-friendly and we had a blasty-blast.  We ended up meeting some lovely ladies who were roughly as under-dressed as we were and ended up hanging with them for the rest of the night.  And as silly as it sounds it really is a lot of fun to hang out with a bunch of people who are dressed as frigging pirates in the middle of Decatur and CLEARLY don’t give a shit, drink tons of beer and rum and sing pirate drinking songs at the top of your collective lungs.  Also, as a general rule, girls look hot in pirate gear.  You know, lots of uhh…push-up action.  Look, BOOBS is what I’m trying to say.

I happened to find this floating around the ‘nets, but it’s from the ‘Palooza, as you can see dude in the picture is all over the PiratePalooza Flickr pool

So if you like pirates and especially drinking and dressing like one, make your way down to the Decatur/Avondale area this weekend for an evening of drinkin’, wenches, and hardcore piratin’.  It’s an event you won’t soon forget.


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