Scotsman trufill pours self serve beer from the bottom

Details are a little slim, but apparently the Trufill can miraculously fill glasses of beer (10 in 10 seconds) from the bottom.  This not only looks really cool, but will cut labor costs by as much as 80%.

Granted, there’s got to be a huge cost in adapting your bar to this system.  The cost of the device itself, custom hook-ups to your kegs (or possibly having to buy custom kegs), buying multiple kegs to be hooked up at the same time if you want to have more than one dispenser, buying all your glassware over again so they’ll work with the Trufill…you’d really have to be a new bar starting from scratch to not rack up massive debt in investing in the system and make it worth it.  But I could be wrong, they haven’t revealed anything in terms of pricing.  FoodBev promises to update us with a video next week of the thing in action, so perhaps more info will be dispensed then.

Looks pretty nifty though.

FoodBev ::via:: Boing Boing Gadgets

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