Mad men yourself and drink with draper

With Season 3 of Mad Men, one of the booziest shows on television just around the corner, AMC has launched a new site where you can “Mad Men” yourself and fashion an avatar in the style and likeness of the show.  I have spent roughly the past 17 hours fiddling and tinkering with it (possibly lulled into a trance by the hypnotic background music on the site) making delightful vignettes featuring yours truly.  With the options available, I was actually able to make it look a good bit like me, though my raw animal sexuality doesn’t really translate well to cartoon form.  You can even make them your desktop wallpaper, if you’re so inclined*.  Check ‘em out, standard square versions are on the left, widescreens on the right:

You know me, just hanging out in front of a wood-grainish background.  CLASSIC DRINKPLANNER.

“The name is Planner…Drink Planner

I call this one “Who let this idiot in here?”

Just another day at the office, where my job is to hit on Joan (Christina Hendricks) all day

This one is titled “The police are on their way”

So there you have it, head over to the AMC site and make your own, and share them in the comments.

via :: Jezebel

*I realize that it is a giant presumptive leap that anyone would ever want such things, but I had to justify the 34 hours I spent making these somehow.

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